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Getting Started at Treehouse

Treehouse Queanbeyan Inc. is committed to ensuring that all families who approach the organisation seeking services for their child are assisted with either access to Treehouse services or with an alternative strategy to meet the needs of their child. 

If you prefer you can also ring Treehouse on 62997271 to refer your child.

NDIS funded services at Treehouse

Most of the children and families coming to Treehouse are funded by the NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  

The NDIS provides early intervention funding to children younger than 7 years of age who have a delay in one or more areas of their development, or a diagnosis, that impacts on their participation in everyday life. This funding is to help families access the support that their child needs in the crucial early years to reduce the impact of the delays as the child gets older. The NDIS provides funding for children over the age of 7 who have a significant or lifelong disability.

Treehouse is a registered NDIS provider so is well-placed to provide specialised services and support to children with developmental delay or disability who meet the NDIS criteria for entry and have an NDIS plan.

Children without NDIS funding

If a family contacts Treehouse seeking services for their child and they do not have NDIS funding, the Treehouse Client Services Coordinator or Director will assist them to either access NDIS funding, or guide them to a service that best meets their needs, including other Treehouse services such as the Pathways to Preschool program, or they may like to pay privately for Treehouse services.

If your child is aged under 7 and does not have NDIS funding

You can contact EACH which is the NDIS partner in our local community of Queanbeyan, the surrounding areas and the ACT. EACH will gather information about your child by observing and doing different screening assessments. This information is then submitted to the NDIS and a decision is made about your child’s eligibility for funding support. 

The EACH Hotline is 1300 003 224

Treehouse will also support families to consider going to their local GP, pediatrician, Community Health or accessing private therapy services if their child is not eligible for the NDIS.

If your child is aged over 7 and hasn’t got NDIS funding

Your family can contact the local support coordinator for the NDIS –

Uniting Local Area Coordinator1800 864 846

Treehouse will also advise the family of other service options that they may like to consider for their child such as going to their local GP, pediatrician, Community Health or accessing private therapy services. For children over the age of 7, Treehouse will advise that a referral to a Paediatrician or a Psychologist may be helpful.

Treehouse programs operating without NDIS funding

Early Years Playgroup is a playgroup for local families who have concerns about their child’s development and who have not yet accessed funding. These groups are free of charge and supported by the Treehouse Donations Program.

Pathways to Preschool Program is a free program that supports families and children in the year before they start preschool and the year of preschool and is funded by a NSW Department of Education grant.

Snuggle and Sing Groups is a fun and relaxed group time for parents to bond with their baby and is funded by the NSW Communities and Justice program.

Learn to swim program is a program for children who need additional support in learning to swim and is funded by the NSW Club Grants Program.

Please note: there may be a waitlist for these services.

Families can pay privately to access Treehouse’s services 

Families may choose to pay privately for services offered by Treehouse, and this can be discussed with the Director at Treehouse. If you are paying privately the fees will be approximately the same as the NDIS price guide

Fee Information

All fees are determined by the NDIS price guide which is updated on the 1st July every year. Treehouse strives to be accommodating to the needs of each child and family.

You can contact us via our contact form, or phone us on 02 6299 7271 for more information.

"I am so happy with the service from the Treehouse team. So friendly an environment. I feel very important and for Charlie “Treehouse is the best place to go and play”. I can clearly see Charlie’s progress and would like to thank you so much for helping Charlie and looking after my little boy."