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Our History

Treehouse (formerly known as Queanbeyan Children’s Special Needs Group) would not be the organisation it is today without the hard work, dedication and commitment of many people and the local community. Prior to 1988 when the ACT became self-governing, NSW residents accessed Early Intervention services provided by ACT health. However, with the change to self-government the ACT closed its borders to NSW residents seeking early intervention support, leaving families with children with additional needs in Queanbeyan stranded.

At this time, a group of about 10 families formed a parent support group which soon turned into a playgroup at the Antill Street Health Clinic in Queanbeyan. They quickly outgrew this space and moved to a room at the back of the Queanbeyan City Council. At this time, it was suggested that they apply for some funding from the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) to employ an Early Intervention teacher for 3 hours per week. This funding was for the 0 – 3 year age group, once the child was of preschool age, the preschools received funding to support them.

QCSNG had 3 more moves before reaching the location where we reside today. From the council, they moved to Lowe St (near the BP service station) and then onto the building at the Queanbeyan Park in 1999 (which was the old Queanbeyan Police Station), before moving to our new premises on Thorpe Ave in 2018. Once Treehouse located to the park, the enrolments had increased to have a playgroup 4 mornings a week, plus the teachers were providing support to the local preschools and later to the schools.

In 2016, with the imminent roll out of the NDIS our first full time therapists were employed. Since then, our team has grown from a small admin team, teachers and assistants to Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Teachers, Educators, an Early Intervention nurse/support co-ordinator and a larger administration team to keep operations smooth.

In 2005, QCSNG received a large amount of funding from ADHC to build a new centre to support families with children with additional needs. The board at the time worked tirelessly to firstly find land on which they could build a new building, and when this was unsuccessful, a building that would be suitable to renovate. In 2018, we moved into the our building which was beautifully renovated with the support of donations from many local businesses.

In 2022, we formerly changed our name to “Treehouse Queanbeyan”.

Some of the people that deserve recognition for the hours of their time that they have tirelessly contributed include:   

  • Peter Bray
  • Geoff ‘Rocky’ Burnell & his team of merry helpers
  • Kevin Grainger
  • Ron Hill
  • Hope Marland
  • Coral McMurray
  • Paul Norris
  • Many local businesses.